Professional, Timely, Effective

Promotion of a body of knowledge or a particular outcome requires understanding the culture of the source and the needs of the consumer.

Abbi’s approach to PR services is to get to know you and your entity. Her role is to trumpet your values to an audience that matters to you.

Entities served
Bonita Unified School District, San Dimas, CA
Grady Yarbrough, Jr., LPC, Boerne, TX
Taylor Hubbard Photography, Waconia, MN


“Abigail Stokes Palsma has done a tremendous job providing Public Relations information to the community on behalf of Bonita Unified School District. Abbi’s work is outstanding and extremely intuitive to the needs of the District and the large number of individuals who will benefit from the information.”
– Dr. Gary Rapkin, Superintendent of Bonita Unified School District.

"Here is what was so very helpful working with you: You listened and asked defining questions. You probed until I got clarity of focus. You interpreted my input into drafts so I could offer even greater purpose to what I wanted to communicate. You read my writing and garnered the meaning and refined the message. You edited until it got down to the least number of words needed to communicate the message."
- Grady Yarbrough, Jr., LPC